Technical Analysis
Patent Infringement

The value of a patent is intimately tied to whether it is infringed. Extensible Labs supports your licensing, and litigation efforts through expert claim and product analysis. We’ve personally done licensing and litigation support, including both plaintiff and defense, in both legal and business roles. We know what’s needed.

  1. STAFF - Extensible Labs has considerable in-house analysis capabilities, and extends its capabilities via relationships with subject matter experts and outside analysis laboratories, covering a wide variety of technical capabilities. Most of our SMEs have decades of industry experience; several also perform expert witness duties.   In addition, our in-house legal counsel is available to review our documented evidence for effectiveness.
  2. QUALITY - We insist on solid, reasoned analysis; high quality documentation; and excellent photographic evidence.
  3. COST EFFECTIVE - Our extensive experience and intense focus on our client’s business objectives make us the most cost effective provider of high quality analyses.
  4. EXPERIENCE - Recent engagements include these product categories: 

                                • Automotive   

                               • Flat Panel Displays (LCD and OLED)

                               • Mobile Phones

                               • Personal Computers

                               • Software

                     and more.

Early Case Assessment

When faced with a demand letter or patent infringement suit, knowledge is essential. Patents assertions range from competitors to trolls, and motivations range from strategic to opportunistic. The better you know the opposition, the better you will respond.

Extensible Labs will provide the information you and your litigation counsel need to achieve your business objectives.

Typical Elements
Every engagement is unique, but elements of an assessment include:

    • Analysis of the plaintiff’s broader portfolio
    • Plaintiff litigation history
    • For the patents in dispute:
            • Summary of the patents in dispute
            • Expert claim analysis and review of plaintiff’s assertions
            • Novelty search and analysis
            • Review of common procedural errors
            • Range of expected royalties

In some cases, you may want to counter-assert or negotiate with a practicing entity. Additional elements may include:
    • Review of you portfolio to identify assertable assets
    • Elements of a basic negotiating strategy

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