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Extensible Labs is, well, extensible. We may make extensive use of outside resources on your project, including experts, contractors, patent agents, equipment, and facilities. We are experts at communicating using the latest IT and network resources. Our scalable resource and labor model keeps costs down and speeds projects up.
Confidentiality is a key concern of our clients, and forms a core aspect of our work processes. While we can adapt our processes to client needs, we have experience in and recommend the use of cloud-based encrypted storage, encrypted messaging, and encrypted email.
The City of Trees, Boise, Idaho, is our home and the preferred destination for on-shore outsourcing. Boise recently held the record for highest number of U.S. patents issued per capita, and retains an enormous pool of talented technology professionals to draw from.

7154 W. State St.
Suite 254
Boise, Idaho  83714


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Phone: +1 (208) 991-2821